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World-wide innovation, officially released mid- 2014, CAT EYE is the first ever handheld camera for Day/Night vision, embedding ‘Gated Active Imagery’ technology.

CAT EYE integrates both outstanding performance and revolutionary technology, offering to Defense like Security users an alternative to classical thermal (infrared) camera.

Targeting in priority law enforcement, special forces or military squadrons, CAT EYE enables the observation missions at long range and safe distances, the surveillance of Critical sites (Border, Coastal, Harbors, Airports or specific critical environments), and sensitive information for security arrangement during  major events (political summit, pilgrimage, gatherings).

CAT EYE captures, by day or night, persistent images magnifying the natural eye vision: clean, sharp and realistic up to natural contrast defined by the human vision.

In passive mode, CAT EYE guarantees an excellent visibility for day-time observation, even down to low light level (night level 3), but also during rainy or foggy weather conditions, or highly polluted conditions.

CAT EYE benefits from a dual mode of Active Imagery. Via a common laser source, the camera operator opts for either a permanent lightning mode (illuminated mode) or active gated mode. This active gated mode guarantees the selection of a dedicated spatial range (more or less 15 meters). This mode ensures facial identification of a human being, distant from 150 meters in the midst of night.

Designed with compact and robust architecture, CAT EYE camera operates on a single vision channel, and provides Full HD video format in Day like Night vision. Its unique technology of active imagery works without image intensifier. The low power consumption allows on battery an autonomy up to 5 hours. Meanwhile, OLED technology delivers a high-definition vision under all conditions by day or night through the monocular.

CAT EYE also provides additional information (compass, range finder and timing), and completes videos or photos recordings. The recording function specifically allows the establishment of legal evidence and inherently provides terrific support for decision making by the operator.

With CAT EYE, LHERITIER illustrates his potential in innovation through active imagery. This technological step-ahead completes ideally his development/expertise in the field of low-light level for Defense and Security domains.






Handheld Camera for Day/Night vision – CAT EYEHandheld Camera for Night vision – CAT EYECamera for Day/Night vision, full HD, sCMOS – CAT EYE