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Low light level camera: “ARTEMIS”, sCMOS technology inside

The new series of Low Light Level Camera ARTEMIS developed by LHERITIER embeds  within a uncooled camera design, a ‘Scientific CMOS’ sensor (FAIRCHILD CIS1910F). This breakthrough technology ensures the use of  this High-End Low Light Level Camera, either during  Day or Night Vision, in stand alone or within derived Vision Systems for several domains of use:


  • Air Operations: Visible (TV) Channel for Pods/Payloads;
  • Land & Vehicle applications: 360° periscope vision (Day or low-Light Conditions); Ground radar and long range surveillance applications;
  • Maritime operations: Long range surveillance on surface vessels; Static periscope masts;
  • Aerospace: Camera of enhanced vision (landing aid) for helicopters and business jets; Detection in bad weather conditions.


  • Coastal /Harbor surveillance;
  • Border security;
  • Urban security & Law Enforcement;
  • Day/Night combined surveillance solutions (In Standalone or encapsulated in Vision System);

Scientific area

  • Astronomy & Solar movement observations

Medical area

  • Fluorescence

Main technical features of ARTEMIS Low Light Level camera are:

  • Ultra-sensitive sensor (Quantum efficiency, up to 25% in NIR);
  • High image dynamic luminance: from 100,000 lux down to   lux (Night Level 3);
  • Compact design:
  • Dimensions: 70x70x34;
  • Light weight: 350g;
  • Uncooled camera keeping power consumption at minimum;
  • Image Resolution: Full HD format (2 Million pixels);
  • Video format: Color or Monochrome (Black &White).

ARTEMIS Camera has already been adopted in  specific sensitive site surveillance. ARTEMIS responds to  any kind of surveillance demand (such as Defense, Aerospace, Security, under nominal or harsh environmental conditions (Environmental Qualification: MIL-STD 810F), with its exclusive Image Processing features:

  • Dynamic Range Computation(DRC);
  • Binning/Dynamic Blemish correction;
  • Color non-uniformity improvement;
  • Recursive noise filtering.
Low light level camera: “ARTEMIS”,  sCMOS technology insideLow light level camera: “ARTEMIS”,  sCMOS technology inside