LHERITIER lauréat Concours Mondial Innovation 2030


Communiqué de presse

For 30 years, LHERITIER has been active in the optronics field, with a particular focus on poor visibility conditions.

The company pursues a dynamic product development policy and offers innovative products for the defence, security, energy and transport markets.

LHERITIER cameras are able to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions (temperature, severe vibrations, shocks, radiation…). They feature on-board image-correction capabilities bringing optimum image quality.

ALCEN works in four domains: defence & security, energy, medical and aeronautics.

Its ambition is to establish a constant innovation policy in these domains, primarily applied to its own products and services.

Wherever possible, they offer innovative solutions.

It organizes its teams in structures that are both independent and coordinated, set up around top-level, fully accountable members of staff.